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636,580 Tail Wags Paid in Full

Tibby – photo taken Dec 24, 2008

Tibby who was “My favoritest puppy dog in the whole wide world” called it quits today. My little chunky chihuahua was a sweet quiet dog that wagged his tail more times than he barked. One of his many nicknames was whirly because of his never ending tail […]

Posting from my iPod

This is my first postusing my iPod Touch. I downloded an app for my iPod that allow me to create my post on mh iPod first and then senf it to my site. Here it goes.

Should Have Bought the Moon

This is my rental property that I bought for $12,500 in September 2000 as it looked when I purchased it.

I rented the house several times for 6 years.

A few curb-appeal improvement were made, but over all little was done to the house.

I sold the house on contract to Jean and Jonny […]

Why is it so cold?

The sun has been down for a few hours now and this is the warmest it has been all day. Winter started today, but I’m already dreaming of Spring.

Making a Post Sticky

Did you just create a post and now your previous post is too low on your page? You can make your favorite post stick to the top of the page.


php turns SQL to Excel

Thanks StarGeek for this code.

this php script will write data from php using text from an SQL table (MySQL, supply your own SQL query) to a microsoft excel (.xls) file. The Excel file is specified as such by a set of headers, defining content, using php’s header() function.

<?php //Written by Dan Zarrella. […]

My 350Z

I bought this 350Z in Davenport, Iowa at the LuJack’s dealer. It had 10,800 miles on it. It has the Touring trim which gives you Bluetooth Handfree phone, Bose 6-disk CD changer, Leather seats.

It’s a kick in the butt to drive. Ask me sometime. I just my let you drive it.


Anderson Silva caught flying scissor heel hook

My favorite fighter and currently middle weight champion gets quickly punished.