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Next Generation Humidifiers

Holmes Medium Room Humidifier
Holmes Medium Room Humidifier

This winter Sara and I bought a Holmes non-filter humidifier. Actually we bought two. In years past we have purchased other single room humidifiers but was disgusted with the repeated failed attempts to find replacement filters. Wal-mart would sell several models of humidifiers but failed to keep filters in stock. We had good luck one year finding them on the internet.

This year we decided to try Sears as they have a good reputation for keeping items in stock. The sales person pointed out the non-filter humidifier and offered a 60-day money-back guarantee if we didn’t like it. I was definitely leery of not having a filter and envisioned endless scrubbing to keep it clean. On the other hand if this little buggered worked I bet I would really like it. I was confident that 60 days was long enough for a trial run. I was determined to bring it back if it turned out to be a dud.

The purchase was for our daughter’s bedroom, but there was a second one on the shelf. The sales person didn’t hesitate when I asked if there would be that same deal on the second item. So we got two.

Two months later we have used it everyday and there is no sign of mineral build up or filth of any kind. This Homles humidifier beat my expectations with no regrets as the 60 days come to an end.

But Seriously

Just repurchased Phil Collins: But Seriously from iTunes.  Now I am wearing big headphones and listening loudly. And yes, I am singing along just as loud.

Phil Collins I say repurchased, because I still owned this until recently discovering my cassette tape tucked away. I placed this twenty year old tape in the tape deck of my fourteen year old truck and it ATE IT!!!  Now doesn’t that bring back memories.