Monthly Archives: April 2009

After UltraLasik

matt_after_ultralasikThe day after my surgery I had a follow up visit and my eyes measured 25/20 in my left eye and 15/20 in my right. The Doctor said that my right eye was over corrected, but may clear up in a couple of weeks. If not I may need to have a touch up.

During the last week I was struggling with dry, and at times fuzzy vision and was using drops every few hours. Today I was able to go entire day without needing drops. Both of my eyes are seeing excellent. I’m going to guess that tomorrow’s follow up visit is going to show that both eyes are now 25/20. That’s great because I’m not even sure I was able to see 20/20 when I had my glasses.

It’s been one week after having UltraLasik surgery. I am seeing with more clarity than I can ever remember.