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Create and verify a nonce

All of this is created in a class

// place this in __construct of the class $this->nonce_name = 'name_' . $my_post_type_slug; $this->nonce_action = 'saving_posttype_' . $my_post_type_slug; add_action('save_post', 'save_my_custom_posttype', 10); // place this in a meta box echo ' '; // your custom save w/ nonce function save_my_custom_posttype($post_id) { if (isset($_POST[ $this->nonce_name ]) && wp_verify_nonce( $_POST[ […]

Redirect url to a page after importing posts

After importing posts from one WordPress site to another, you need to set the htaccess file to direct the pages and images. Here’s what I used:

The old site where I exported posts is I created a new page that will be a section page for these posts at So I need to […]

Upgrading WordPress 3.3.1 broke Postie plugin

The get_user_by function breaks when calling _fill_user function. I commented out the get_user_by function and it worked fine.