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Should Have Bought the Moon

1403 5th Ave

This is my rental property that I bought for $12,500 in September 2000 as it looked when I purchased it.

I rented the house several times for 6 years.

A few curb-appeal improvement were made, but over all little was done to the house.

I sold the house on contract to Jean and Jonny Keener January 2007.  I thought that this was a perfect situation.  I continued receiving monthly payments as I did when renting the house, but I held no responsiblity in the repair or property tax.

The problem came when the Keeners defaulted on their payments and stuck me with their $368 city water bill.  This month my lawyer filed a forfeiture of contract which voided the contract and return the property into my name.

I am selling the house to the neighbor to the north of the property for just a little more than the county values the land.

Maybe my money would have gone farther if I would a bought a piece of the moon.

In 1967, the United Nations adopted the Treaty on Principles Governing the Activities of States in the Exploration and Use of Outer Space including the Moon and other Celestial Bodies, which strictly forbid any nation from claiming ownership of the planets in our solar system. That treaty does not, however, forbid individuals from claiming ownership of planets. And that’s exactly what Dennis Hope did. Noticing the Haley’s Comet-sized loophole in the resolution, Hope wrote the White House, Kremlin and UN General Assembly in 1980 to inform them that he claimed the moon as his own.