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Bash script to backup a WordPress web site

The script ( for backing up a site has been modified.  It now accepts parameters.

Parameter 1: domain
Parameter 2: database [optional]
Parameter 3: subdomain [optional]

Run as root

/home/root/sites/ matt_wp matt



if [ -z “$SUBDOMAIN” ]
if [ -z “$DBNAME” ]
mysqldump $DBNAME > /var/www/vhosts/$SITE/httpdocs/$DBNAME.sql
tar -czvf $SITE.httpdocs.tar.gz /var/www/vhosts/$SITE/httpdocs
if [ -z “$DBNAME” ]
mysqldump $DBNAME > /var/www/vhosts/$SITE/subdomains/$SUBDOMAIN/httpdocs/$DBNAME.sql
tar -czvf $SUBDOMAIN.$SITE.httpdocs.tar.gz /var/www/vhosts/$SITE/subdomains/$SUBDOMAIN/httpdocs

exit 0

Don’t upgrade yet!

I know how tempting it is to press that upgrade button, but don’t do it without backing up those files. Backing up your files first is just too quick and easy to skip when doing it from the command line. Here’s how:

Backup your MySQL database
DATE=`date | tr ” ” _`
mysqldump -u root -p DatabaseName > DatabaseName.$DATE.sql

Backup your web directory
tar cvzf new_filename.tar.gz /var/www/

c = create
v = verbose
z = compress
f = filename is being provided

If you need to restore these files

Restore MySQL database
mysql -u root -p DatabaseName < DatabaseName.Thu_Jun_11_08:14:41_CDT_2009.sql

Restore the web directory

cd /var/www/ (change directory to the location of the web directory)

mv httpdocs httpdocs_bad (rename the current web directory)

tar -xzvf httpdocs.tar.gz (uncompress the backup)

Linux and Apache commands

Here are some commands that we use at the Gazette on our Linux web server.  It is running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2.

Reload Apache Conf file
/etc/init.d/httpd reload

Restart Apache
apachectl -k graceful (didn’t work on Rackspace)

Restart Apache from ssh
/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart

Modify Apache conf file
vi /etc/httpd/conf/httpd.conf

vi commands
i enter edit mode
esc to exit edit mode (command mode)
:wq to write changes and quit (in command mode)
:!q quit without saving

Memory Use

free -t -m