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How to Add CSS Styles to WordPress Breadcrumbs

functions.php function get_page_parents( $id=0, $separator="/" ){ $itisme=get_post($id); $lineage = '<span>'.$itisme->post_title.'</span>'; $parentID=$itisme->post_parent; while( $parentID != 0 ){ $parent=get_post($parentID); $lineage='<a href="' . get_permalink($parent->ID) . '">' . $parent->post_title . '</a>'.$separator.$lineage; $parentID=$parent->post_parent; } return $lineage; } include 'includes/breadcrumb-styles.php'; add_action('wp_head', 'add_breadcrumb_styles'); page.php <?php get_template_part( 'nav', 'above-page' ); ?> nav-above-page.php <div id="page-bread-crumbs"> <a class="home" href="/">Home</a> &gt;…