Custom Post Type redirects to 404 page

Custom Post Type redirects to 404 page

This function from dev4press really helped me debug my custom post type redirect to a 404 page.


Place this code in your functions.php file:

function dev4press_debug_page_request() {
		global $wp, $template;

		echo '<pre>!-- Request: ';
		echo empty($wp->request) ? "None" : esc_html($wp->request);
		echo ' -->'.PHP_EOL;
		echo '!-- Matched Rewrite Rule: ';
		echo empty($wp->matched_rule) ? None : esc_html($wp->matched_rule);
		echo ' -->'.PHP_EOL;
		echo '!-- Matched Rewrite Query: ';
		echo empty($wp->matched_query) ? "None" : esc_html($wp->matched_query);
		echo ' -->'.PHP_EOL;
		echo '!-- Loaded Template: ';
		echo basename($template);
		echo ' --></pre>'.PHP_EOL;

Place this in your template file:


echo '<h1>Rewrite Rules</h1>';

global $wp_rewrite;

echo '<pre>';
echo '</pre>';

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